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Shinwoo SB-1000 Currency Discriminator and Counterfeit Detector

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Shinwoo SB-1000 currency discriminator / currency counter with enhanced image pattern recognition technology. Counts and identifies mixed notes, value-counts by denomination or sorts by face and orientation. Reliable suspected note detection option by magnetic, UV or infra-red. Large graphics LCD and user-friendly interface. Easy to maintain all sensors and programs can be checked and tested.

  • Has serial printing option.
  • Has external connectivity.
  • Discriminates by mixed/single/face/orient/count.
  • Self diagnostic.

Product Specifications Currency USD Count Speed 400/800/1000/1200 notes-per-minute. Present Batch 100,50,25,20,10 (from 1~999) Display Large Graphic LCD Accepted Notes Sizes 100-185 mm W, 60-100 mm H. Thickness: 0.08 - 0.12 mm Hopper Capacity 300 Stacker Capacity 200 Upper Pocket Capacity 70 Counterfeit Detection Method Ultraviolet (UV), Magnetic (MG) and Infra-Red Counterfeit Detection Dimensions (W X D X H) 312mm W x 321 mm D x 289 mm H Weight 29.7 lb. Power Supply 100-240 VAC, 50/60 HZ CONTACT U.S. BANK SUPPLY FOR QUOTE: 805-218-6106.

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Currency Counter, Currency Discrimination, with Magnetic, Infra-red Light, and Ultraviolet (UV) Counterfeit Detection


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