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One- or Two-Sided Convex Floor Display for a 22" x 28" Graphic or Rate Board


Model USDF30 one- or two-sided convex floor display for top loading 22" x 28" graphic, rate board or letter board. Includes acrylic face panel or panels. Model shown is in red mahogany with rate board (not included). Choice of seven finishes: cherry, golden oak, walnut, light oak, colonial, red mahogany and black. Dimensions: 65" H x 23" W x 18" D. For further customization, and other variations available, or for our free catalog call U.S. Bank Supply at (805) 218-6106.


Model USDF30 is a one- or two-sided convex floor display for a 22" x 28" graphic or rate board. Included one acrylic face panel. Choice of seven finishes.

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floor display one-sided $333.00
floor display two-sided $383.00

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