Height Markers For Banks

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Height Markers For Banks

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Quantity: Unit: Price per unit:
1 height indicator tape $8.95$8.95
2-5 height indicator tape $7.95
6-20 height indicator tape $7.50
21-40 height indicator tape $7.25
41-60 height indicator tape $6.95
61-80 height indicator tape $6.50
81-100 height indicator tape $5.95
101+ height indicator tape $4.95

Our premium height markers are used in banks, police departments, retail markets and medical institutions. Made of a high gloss, indoor/outdoor weather resistant plastic they are the ultimate height markers. (Both the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security use our height markers.) Offered in 5 color options, you choose between white numbers on a black tape, black numbers on a white tape, black numbers on a three color tape, black numbers on a clear tape, or white numbers on a clear tape. Height strips easily attach to any smooth surface. Large 1" high numbers make for easy reading. These height strips, when mounted near exits, provide an easy means for security camera height identification of any individual entering or exiting. Height tapes are 1-1/2" wide by a full 3 feet long (not to be confused with the shorter 2-1/2 foot tapes sold elsewhere) and measure from 4 feet to 7 feet. Plastic strips with adhesive back -- all weather material. Colors may be combined for quantity price breaks!

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height markers for banks
Height Markers For Banks