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Counterfeit Detection

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Counterfeit Detector Pens
$1.99 - $2.99

Counterfeit detector pens are a first defense against counterfeit bills. Not a great method for counterfeit detection, and we're the only ones who will tell you that!

SKU: US00045112

MAGNER 4-in-1 basic currency authenticator
$29.95 - $35.95

Our Magner 4-in-1 basic currency authenticator (Mag II) is economical and effective. A reliable alternative for determining the authenticity of banknotes, credit cards, traveler's checks, IDs and most driver's licenses.


Cassida SmartCheck Counterfeit Detector

The Cassida SmartCheck counterfeit detector can be put to immediate use without training. Just swipe the bill and the detector will beep if the bill is counterfeit. The built-in ultraviolet illumination can be used to verify checks, credit cards, driver's licenses, passports, social security cards, and many other forms of identification quickly and easily. In addition to the swipe test, suspect bills can be visually checked for security thread using the UV illumination.


STEELMASTER 200SM Counterfiet Detector - MMF Industries

The MMF / Steelmaster counterfeit detector is a versatile and economical tool for authenticating bills quickly and easily. Check for counterfeits by swiping the bill and if the detector beeps, it is suspect.


Cashscan 2000 - Compact Counterfeit Bill Detector

Counterfeit bill detector (currency verifier), Model 2000, made by Cashscan replaces the Cashscan 1800 unit. This counterfeit bill detector is durable, lightweight, with a small footprint, and simple to use. It takes less than a second to verify a note, giving a green light for genuine notes and a red light and a beep for a suspected note.


Semacon Model S-950 Automatic currency authenticator
$137.00 - $149.00

The Semacon Model S-950 battery operated compact automatic currency authenticator features a simple Pass/Fail indicator and eject direction control. Feeding a bill is easy and is followed by an immediate indication of authenticity. The S-950 operates on AC power only.


Semacon Model S-960 Compact Automatic Currency Authenticator
$149.00 - $169.00

The Semocon Model S-960 AC/DCoffers comprehensive counterfeit detection including magnetic features, metameric infrared marks, ink properties, and banknote infrared images. It runs on both AC power and rechargeable lithium battery.


Cassida Uno infrared counterfeit detector

The Cassida Uno instantly ensures that the paper currency you're accepting is genuine. This state-of-the-art detector identifies infrared (IR) security marks that are present on authentic currency, but invisible to the naked eye. Simply place bills under the high-resolution monitor to instantly confirm that bills have the required infrared markings.


Cassida UNO Infrared Counterfeit Detector

The Cassida UNO uses powerful infrared (IR) technology to authenticate infrared security features present on authentic currency and make them visible to you. IR markings cannot be seen with the naked eye and have yet to be counterfeited, making IR one of the most advanced security feature of today's currency.


Cassida 3300 Counterfeit Detector - (IR), (UV), (MG)

The Cassida Model 3300 counterfeit detector not only checks bills for ultraviolet (UV) and magnetic (MG) security marks but additionally checks for infrared (IR) security marks as well, which a lot of currency counters/counterfeit detectors don't do. The Cassida 3300 is fully automatic and doesn't require any bill authentication knowledge by an operator.

SKU: US3300

MMF Industries Automatic Counterfeit Detector # USMMF2003300

The MMF Industries fully automatic counterfeit detector does not require users to have full-authentication knowledge. It's detection features include UV, MG and IR scanning. It's the smallest detector on the market, allowing it to fit almost anywhere.

SKU: USMMF2003300

Euroscan 77 counterfeit detector

Euroscan 77 counterfeit detector, made by Cashscan, very affordable. Very affordable, accurate and needs minimal maintenance. In its default setup, verifies the Euro and US Dollar. Can also be ordered to verify Euro and any secondary currency from Cashscan library of over 70 world currencies.


Superscan III Model 112SP counterfeit detector

Superscan III Model 112SP counterfeit detector, made by Cashscan. Similar to the Superscan II, but is more cost efficient for applications requiring only a PC and not a built-in printer.