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iSniper Single-Pocket Currency Counter-Discriminator

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The iSniper is an advanced intelligent, single-pocket currency counter and reliable discriminator with excellent counterfeit detection. It uses full IR CIS sensors to recognize value and count of EURO, USD and even local currencies. It uses UV, MG and IR sensors that provide excellent counterfeit detection. It is easy to maintain, clean sensors and if necessary, remove notes by opening the front cover.

Product Specifications
Currency    EURO, USD, Local (option)
Count Speed    max. 1100 notes/min (piece count), max. 1000 notes/min (value count)
Display    3" graphic LCD (192 x 128 dot)
Feed System     roller friction type
Hopper Capacity    500 notes
Stacker Capacity    200 notes
Countable note size    W - 100-193mm, H - 50-100mm
Counterfeit Detection Method    Magnetic (MG) Detection, Ultra Violet Detection (UV), and Infrared Detection (IR)
Denomination detection    full image sensor
Dimensions (W X L X H)    296 W x 235 L x 280 H mm; Weight - 22 lbs. (10.Kg)
Countable note thickness    0.06 - 0.12mm;
Power Consumption    Standby 20W, Max 75W
Power Supply    Free voltage AC 110V - 240V 50/60HZ

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iSniper Single-Pocket Currency Counter - reliable counterfeit detection with sensors

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