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Thumb and Fingerprint Pad -- Premiere Large Round

Thumb and Fingerprint Pad -- Premiere Large Round - Main Image


Our Premiere large round fingerprinting pad have a 2-1/2” diameter with an amazing print capacity of 4,800 impressions! The Premiere fingerprint pad is considered to be an "Inkless Pad," that leaves a crisp, clear imprint and never smears. Fingerprint impressions dry instantly and leave no ink residue on fingers! The specially formulated, non toxic, vegetable based ink will not dry out if lid is left open. Adhesive tape on base allows for secure attachment to counter. These fingerprint pad are ideal for banks, mortgage companies, notaries, etc.


Large round Premiere fingerprinting pad, 2-1/2" diameter. Non-smearing, dries instantly, print capacity each pad 4,800 impressions.

Quantity Unit Price per unit
1-20 fingerprint pads $24.95
21-40 fingerprint pads $24.50
41-60 fingerprint pads $24.25
61-100 fingerprint pads $23.95
101-200 fingerprint pads $23.50
201-500 fingerprint pads $21.49
501-up fingerprint pads $16.50

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