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Currency Counters

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Semacon Currency Counter Model S-1000 Mini-Series

Semacon Currency Counter, Compact, High-Speed. No Counterfeit Detection.

SKU: S1000

Semacon Currency Counter S-1015 with Counterfeit Detection

Currency Counter, Compact, High-Speed. Ultraviolet (UV) Counterfeit Detection.

SKU: S1015

Semacon Cash Counter S-1025 with Counterfeit Detection

Semacon Cash Counter with Ultraviolet (UV) and Magnetic (MG) Counterfeit Detection. Counts 900 notes per minute. One year warranty that covers service, parts and shipping.

SKU: S1025

Semacon Currency Counter Model S-1100 High Speed

Currency Counting Machine, High-Speed, Dual Displays, One-Year Warranty. Ultraviolet (UV), Magnetic (MG) Counterfeit Detection.

SKU: S1100

Semacon Currency Counter S-1115 with Counterfeit Detection

Currency Counter, High-Speed, Dual Displays, with Ultraviolet (UV) Counterfeit Detection.

SKU: S1115

Semacon Currency Counter S-1125 - Counterfeit Bill Detection

Currency Counter, High-Speed with Magnetic, and Ultraviolet (UV) Counterfeit Detection.

SKU: S1125

Semacon High Speed Currency Counter Model S-1200

Semacon S-1200 Currency Counter, High-Speed.

SKU: S1200

Semacon High-Speed Currency Counter Model S-1215

Semacon Currency Counter S-1215 is built for high-volume. Pinpoints counterfeits with Advanced Counterfeit Detection System with (UV) detection.

SKU: S1215

Semacon High-Speed Currency Counter Model S-1225

Semacon S-1225 high-volume and high-speed currency counter. Comes with SmartDetect Advanced Counterfeit Detection System ultraviolet and magnetic counterfeit detection. 3 variable counting speeds.

SKU: S1225

Semacon Currency Counter Model S-1600 - Premium High-Speed

The Semacon Model S-1600 is a premium currency counter for high-volume environments. Comes with a 1-year replacement warranty. Features Ultraviolet Counterfeit Detection and Magnetic Counterfeit Detection.

SKU: S1600

Semacon Currency Counter Machine S-1615

The Semacon currency counter Model S-1615 is a premium bank grade machine with UV counterfeit detection for use in high-volume environments.

SKU: S1615

Semacon Currency Counter S-1625 with Counterfeit Detection

Semacon S-1625 is a premium bank grade currency counter with UV and MG counterfeit detection is built for high-volume.

SKU: S1625

Semacon Currency Counter Model S-1600V Premium

Semacon Model S-1600V premium bank grade currency counter is designed for high-volume. Multiple denominations may be counted and accumulated in Features ultraviolet, and magnetic counterfeit detection.

SKU: S1600V

Semacon Currency Counter Model 1615V with UV Detection

S-1615V bank grade Semacon currency counter, with UV counterfeit detection, is for use in high-volume environments. Value Counting Mode counts all denominations.

SKU: S1615V

Semacon Currency Counter Model S-1625V

Semacon Model S-1625V premium bank grade currency counter, with UV and MG counterfeit detection.

SKU: S1625V

Currency Counter - Cashscan Model 30

A reputation for being lowest-cost, lightweight, low-noise, low-maintenance and highly accurate currency counters on the market. It operates on Universal 90V - 240V. Low cost, lightweight, low-noise, low-maintenance. Counterfeit detection not available in this model.


Magner 35-3 Money Counter / Bill Counter
$395.00 - $475.00

Compact, premium currency counter. Designed for outstanding performance and operating simplicity. It is a compact premium Money Counter designed for outstanding performance in basic currency processing applications. No counterfeit detection.

SKU: 35-3

Cassida TIGER U and TIGER UM Money Counting Machine
$152.00 - $198.00

The Cassida Tiger Money Counting Machine, choice of UV or UV/MG counterfeit detection, one-piece steel chassis, 1300 bills per min.


Magner Model 20 Money Counter Machine

Outstanding performance at affordable price. Variable counting speed: 700/1000/1200 notes per minute. Variable batching with selectable presets at 0 (off), 10, 20, 25,50 & 100. Counterfeit detection not available on this model.


Cassida 5520UV and 5520UV/MG Valu-Count Money Counter
$214.00 - $226.00

The Cassida 5520 Money Counter, available in a choice of UV or UV/MG counterfeit detection, and infra-red detection. User may select denomination to count.