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Semacon High-Speed Currency Counter Model S-1215 with UV Counterfeit Detection

Semacon High-Speed Currency Counter S-1215


The Semacon Currency Counter Model S-1215 is a bank grade, high-speed bill counter built for use in high-volume environments such as banks, credit unions, casinos and large retailers. It features an intuitively designed control panel with 10-digit keypad for batching, along with buttons for commonly used features. The Semacon Model S-1215 Banknote Feed System rapidly and reliably processes banknotes of all conditions from brand new to very worn. Rigorous and extensive testing assure the highest possible quality and reliability.

  • 3 variable counting speeds
  • Works with a variety of currencies including polymer banknotes
  • intelligent screening system detects all possible types of feeding errors.
Product Specifications
Currency International Currency Counter
Count Speed 800, 1,200, 1,600 notes per minute
Note Size From 115x50 to 175x85 mm
Feed System Friction roller system
Hopper Capacity 200-300 notes
Stacker Capacity 200 notes
Counterfeit Detection Method Ultraviolet (UV) Counterfeit Detection
Dimensions (W X D X H) 10.5"W x 9.75"D x 9.5"H
Weight 15 lbs.
Power Supply 110V-60Hz or 220V-50Hz, 50W

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SKU: S1215

Semacon Currency Counter S-1215 is built for high-volume. Pinpoints counterfeits with Advanced Counterfeit Detection System with (UV) detection.

Quantity Unit Price per unit
1+ currency counter $469.00

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