Coin Trays and Storage

Loose coin tray models, self-counting loose coin trays, coin organizers, and rolled coin storage trays.

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Stak-Ko-Pak Coin Organizer # US21477703

Stak-Ko-Pak Coin Organizer

SKU # US21477703

This convenient Stak-Ko-Pak coin organizer holds pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters in individual compartments, with one additional compartment for halves or dollars. Gunshell-type coin wrappers will slip easily over a coin row for easy packing.

$6.25 - $6.99

3 compartment plastic loose coin tray

Coin Cup Insert - 3-Compartment Heavy Duty Plastic

SKU # US5200

Coin cup insert - Heavy Duty -- 3 compartment fits perfectly in any of our bill tray bill compartment converting that slot to a loose coin tray. Available in tan or black. Heavy duty construction won't break.


Six denomination loose coin tray model 5701 has room for pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, halves and dollars.

Loose Coin Tray - Six Denomination

SKU # USWS57010-

Six denomination loose coin tray.
For use in cash tray or as a stand alone counter-top coin tray. The best constructed, most clearly marked trays found anywhere.

$16.25 - $18.50

Coin-Dex tray for drawer or counter-top

Loose Coin Tray - Five Denomination

SKU # USCT470002

Five denomination loose coin tray for counter top or in drawer use.

$17.50 - $18.50

MP coin holder

MP Coin Holder

SKU # US152201

Metal coin holder with angled coin slots for easy manipulation of change and spill prevention.


MP Junior coin top tray

MP Junior Coin Top Tray

SKU # US1107T

Drawer or counter-top change tray with coin compartments specially sized for each denomination. Groups coins in sets of ten.


Self-counting loose change holder

Loose Coin Tray - Self-Counting


Self-counting loose change holder with pockets for ten coins of each denomination


One piece Countex II loose coin tray

Loose Coin Tray - One-Piece Countex II

SKU # US21611003

Six denomination coin tray staggers coins in sets of five for easy counting.
For use in cash tray or as a stand alone counter-top coin tray.


Rolled coin storage trays

Rolled Coin Storage Trays

SKU # US1208XX

Rolled coin storage trays designed to hold wrapped coins or full unwrapped rolls.

$4.49 - $5.75

All purpose coin trays

All-Purpose Coin Trays


All-purpose coin trays for both loose coin in precise half rolls or full rolls of wrapped coin.

$4.85 - $6.40

12 Item(s) Found, Now Viewing 1 through 10